"The golden rule that should
be noticed when choosing the system in playing Roulette is
the balance between profit for one time and several times
of losses".


Information and important recommendations to the Roulette player:

  1. Begin with a limited amount, without any addition or deduction to it .
  2. Don’t play numbers at all, numbers are strictly forbidden in uncounted methods of play .
  3. If you reach a profit ratio of 20% - 100% of the capital, stop playing Roulette at once .
  4. You must be aware of how you feel about your luck. If you feel that your luck is bad and that is by comparing the number of times you won against the numbers you lost, and you feel that luck is actually not on your side then it is better to stop playing.
  5. You have to assess the play actions initially.
  6. You have to assess the play actions one by one and be able take decisions bravely of the continuity of playing, or to stop playing Roulette whether the result was a  profit or a loss.
  7. You have to play Roulette when you are psychologically encouraged, when you have the desire to play, when you are calm and not scared. Don't lose your nerves, don't play while being nervous. Don't be greedy at all, you should be prudent and wise. The most important quality in a Roulette player is patience. If you are impatient, don't play Roulette at all.
  8. You are in a battle in which the strongest is the winner, you must be ready for it, the battle needs a plan, a defined strategy and a commitment to it that is achieved through executive counted steps with results known in advance step by step. That is, the plan is subject to mathematical scientific basis. And the profit and loss probabilities are known in advance, the results in the light of a drawn plan are known  in advance from the beginning till the end. Our steps should be examined, and the result of every spin should be known until the end of the drawn plan.
  9. You have to take into consideration the important math’s ratios when choosing the system you are going to carry out.
    The most important ratios are :-

    A - Profit ratio
    B - Loss ratio
    C - Balance ratio
    D - Capital interest ratio
    E - The ratio of profit times to loss times

    This indicator is the most important measure when choosing the system to use in playing, by taking profit ratio and loss ratio into consideration. There are mathematical  rules that should be noticed:

    1 - Whenever the profit ratio increases, the profit itself decreases,     and the Capital interest decreases.

    2 - Whenever the loss ratio increases, the profit itself increases, and the Capital interest ratio increases.
  10. The golden rule that should be noticed when choosing the system in playing Roulette is the balance between profit for one time and several times of losses, or even unlimited times of losses if you could.
  11. We must know, it’s a fact, that luck plays an important role in the results. Don’t exclude this fact from your information.
  12. 1 - Define your goal. Don’t make steps which are unexamined (with unknown results ) or changeable results: big or small profit, big or small loss. That is, don't play in an unorganized way.

    2 - The steps of the chosen game should be studied in advance, you should know mathematically the results of your steps: a loss or profit .

    3 - You should follow in playing a clear plan that includes:

    First    :
    The final goal.
    Second : The way of achieving the goal (execution).
    Third   : Plan assessment.

    This includes result examination step by step to make sure that the plan is going as it is planned.
  13. The proposed methods of play are several and clear. The player should  study these methods carefully. It is preferred that the methods are experimented  by the player without any real cost or loss.
    Finally, the player should reach a decision or a choice of a defined way (system ) of playing that he is convinced of and committed to till the end.


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