"The golden rule that should
be noticed when choosing the system in playing Roulette is
the balance between profit for one time and several times
of losses".



Following a profound thinking in the previous years and after a long experience in playing Roulette; I realized that the rules of this game depend mainly upon mathematical principles and that there is an inverse relation between the profit proportion and the return proportion and between loss proportion and the return proportion.

The rules of this game are clear in its basic instructions, in which they are fixed and unchangeable. The bases of distributing profit are also fixed; and the available options to make profits are defined and numerous, which is what makes the player hesitant and stray. These choices are subject to several psychological motives. The player is unable to concentrate in his choices that should flow out as a result of a healthy mind not subject to any psychological and external factors. Roulette is a dangerous game to a large number of players. It is noticed that in many situations, the player is dominated by several psychological factors for example: greed, fear, hesitation, lack of concentration, and being nervous etc. This is what is required in the casino’s arenas, which are delicate and superb; which arouses carelessness and interest in what is useful. As well as the inexistence of, a healthy vision, responsibility, and carelessness  which all usually lead to unlimited social and economic disasters, as we all know this very well.

I looked at this picture and at what happens daily, or rather, every hour or minute in front of my eyes; and I tried to find a solution or solutions to this dangerous game, perhaps it may lessen the loss or win you a little if you are lucky. It was an exhausting task, as if I was carving rocks or rather snow; until I reached some useful solutions, to those who are able to implement and commit to these solutions in great accuracy. These solutions basically depend on defined rules for every game, to be followed and applied accurately. They also depend on calculations and results that are known in advance, in the light of previous knowledge of the rules of the game practiced by the player.

The player must draw a mathematically studied strategy (a plan); and apply it in defined steps one by one with known results. He should be committed to the plan; Patience and wisdom are two qualities to be recognized by the player.


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