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On the edge of the bamboo grove was a row of large dumbbells made of stones. Five thick vines were tied to a log pole. The wear marks on them were clear. A group of militiamen were breathing heavily, eating snot, and their tough upper bodies were all sweating. Liu was lying in a bamboo easy chair with his feet on Carew's shoulders, and Carew, with an obsequious smile on his face, was helping him pinch his legs as hard as he could. The red earth bamboo shoots covered the shadow of the sunset, and the yellow whirlpool between heaven and earth in the distance rolled up the weeds one by one. Recently, the Dorot human kingdom often has some armed guards riding tall and big Li, coming from the south of the wasteland, heading for Witherspoon in the north, to welcome the human merchants there back home. Because there is one of the most important festivals of human beings in winter, Jostre Festival, which is as important to human beings as Beamon's God's Christmas. Most of the human merchants will return home at this time, and by the way, they will bring all their earnings for the year, and then prepare the goods for the coming year. Since the first snowfall. The number of merchants who came and went gradually increased, and every day or two, the Red Earth High Slope would welcome and send off a journey. Although there is no bridge over the wide Sanggan River. But the Lord's avoidance of water is really strong,multi disc screw press, once into the surface of the water, within a radius of five blades can open up a dry road, compared to the trouble of rattan boats. The speed of crossing the river is much faster and more convenient. The wealth of humans dazzled Liu's shocked eyes, and the mail and steel swords on the bodies of those ordinary knights made him, the Lord of Beamon, who lived in a country where steel was scarce, salivate. These rich humans even wore mail around the necks of their horses. Liu shock originally thought that this is the famous human heavy cavalry,rapid sand filters, after listening to Vieri's introduction to know, these people are just some knight-errant, human heavy cavalry mount armor will be Siamese plate armor, in addition to four hooves, the whole body is a moving steel fortress. This rip-off opportunity, how can Liu shock let it go. The human merchants and the mercenary rangers who protected them expressed strong dissatisfaction with the toll station that suddenly appeared on the south bank of the Sanggan River, especially when the price was so high-the toll of Fei Lengcui was floating, and there was no clearly marked price, depending on the number of human followers and the degree of generosity. As long as you give money, it's your right to be dissatisfied and complain. This is the purpose of Liu's shock. Fei Lengcui ferry division of labor is very clear, the Lord is responsible for negotiations, two Fei Lengcui's proprietress Ning Yu and Avril are responsible for collecting money, plus some fox fake tiger power of the vassal clan of the able-bodied men and the mastiff people in the militia in the side shouting. Liu shock felt that the militia in addition to the vassal clan and mastiff people long still passable, Wall Penstocks ,lamella tube, can support the scene in the toll station, if the other militia put in the toll station, the regular Beamon territory toll station will immediately degenerate into an arbor built by bandits. Militiamen's appearance is generally too violent, this period of rigorous physical training, so that these militiamen have been reborn, mammoth Hercules do bench press logs have changed from the earliest four to ten; The total weight has reached a terrible five tons or so, before the fat belly of the hippopotamus poets, now the abdominal muscles have all been presented in lumps, a half-hugged log as long as one leg is broken, not to mention the pandas, one by one dyed the black eye white, a pair of evil in the eyes did not hide, "whiz" straight out. In addition, they like to eat a piece of bamboo crazily, which makes them look even more ferocious. The toll station on the bank of the Sanggan River was blocked by the dense bamboo forest. If something really happened, you could rush to do it directly. So Liu shook and forbade these big militiamen to appear in public casually, so as not to frighten others. Now Lao Liu practices them hard every day, squatting, lifting weights, pressing ligaments, boxing, long-distance running with heavy loads, so that they are not tired to death, and then take a bath, drink and sing, and go back to the cave to sleep. Human businessmen are generally polite, but there are also two hundred and fifty who don't have long eyes. They want to molest two peerless beauties shamelessly. They soon calm down-the mastiff people will let them fall into the cold water of the Sanggan River to wake up. In the territory of Beamon Kingdom, no human has the courage to fight with the exclusive warriors of a group of noble lords. The main reason is that Vieri is always hanging around with a big axe on his back. After the bear man has a black eye, he looks like a panda with the logo of the Aegean continent. He just looks a little rough, especially the big axe with a long handle on the wheel. For the human physique, it looks like a shield more than an axe. Of course, there were protests, and there were human merchants who vowed to come back next year to appeal to the Witherspoon Noble Court of Control. Cui Beixi never dreamed that her disciple was so black-hearted that she regretted telling him to build a ferry to collect tolls. Liu has made a thorough study of Beamon's law these days, which is a common feature of many criminals or people with serious criminal tendencies. In the territory, the Lord has the right to levy appropriate taxes. If you feel that the taxes are unbearable, you can choose another way to return home. The radius of 500 miles south of the Sanggan River is the range of Feilengcui. You can choose to land 500 miles downstream of the Sanggan River, and then return to your native land. The sly smile on Lord Pigg's face depressed the human merchants. How is it possible to land downstream? How long does it take to walk five hundred miles. Businessmen have finished complaining, but they still have to pay. Liu shocked the old acquaintance Rogge boss also went back from here a few days ago, the proud Rogge was Liu shocked mercilessly slaughtered a knife, the last time Ning Yu's jade pendant obediently handed over in exchange for the money to buy the road. Our Beamon tolls are not the same as your human weights and measures. I forgot to tell you. Liu shook and patted boss Luo on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Next time I come back, the price will rise. Remember to bring enough gold coins." Rogge was very angry at that time,Rotating sludge scraper, and his fat was shaking all over, and he wanted to open his mouth to scold. A giant panda with a cold expression and an axe on his back came out silently from behind the smiling Lord Pigg. Rogge immediately remembered the man who had been pinched by the panda warrior. The panda in front of him was one size bigger, and his palms looked like a windmill.
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