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Zhao Shu said, "I have heard this man say in the palace that he made some of the medicine I took.". 'Live As a hero, die as a ghost hero! ' When is the bright moon? Ask the blue sky about the wine. This man's poems have reached my ears. They must have spread all over Biandu, right! This time he wanted to print Taiping Yulan, which was a praiseworthy thing. It was no problem to lend it to him for proofreading and printing. However, it was originally ordered by Emperor Taizong and read every day, so the court had to draw one or two officials from the National History Museum to supervise him, in case it was damaged and lost. Zhao Xu is obviously very clear about his father's knowledge of Wang Jinghui. After all, Wang Jinghui's poetry style is sometimes fresh and bright, and sometimes majestic. Every poem is widely circulated in Bian. Singing girls are proud of singing "Wang Ci". It is difficult for such a gifted scholar's reputation not to know in this era. In addition, Wang Jinhui reproduces the miracle of the operation of the divine doctor Hua Tuo. His hospital was overcrowded, and such a reputation had long made the court want to recruit him. Zhao Xu said, "What my father said is true,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but I once went to Wang Jinghui's printing workshop to see it. This mechanism is really exquisite. He once told me that it would only take more than a month to finish printing a thousand volumes of Taiping Yulan. So it wouldn't be too hard for them to choose two attendants from the National Museum of History to supervise him." Zhao Shu heard his son say that it would only take a month to print a set of a thousand volumes of Taiping Yulan. He was very shocked at the speed of printing the book: "Isn't the emperor joking with me?"? The complete set of manuscripts of Taiping Yulan needs to be packed in a large wooden box. Where is enough time for a month? "I'm afraid you can't even finish the Analects of Confucius, can you?" Zhao Xu replied, "How could I cheat my father? Wang Jinghui invited me to his printing workshop during the day. I saw with my own eyes the speed of the printing machine. Dozens of assistants could typeset and print hundreds of copies of The Analects of Confucius in less than a day with that machine alone. The price was very low. Now most of the students from poor families in Biandu buy the books printed by him." Although Zhao Shu felt very incredible after hearing this, he knew that Zhao Xu, the king of Ying, was pure in nature and should not deceive himself on this matter: "This Wang Jinghui is a strange man?!"! Leave this matter to the emperor,calcium nitrate sol, and choose two people from the National Museum of History to help you. By the way, tell Wang Jinghui that if this is done, I will not only give him a reward, but also give him books such as Taiping Guangji and Wenyuan Yinghua to print in the future! As for the printed books, you can discuss with the National Museum of History to determine how many sets you can buy. Zhao Xu said, "Father, there's one thing I haven't told you. I'm dating Wang Jinghui, but he doesn't know that I'm a member of the royal family. I'm pretending to be the son of a minister in the court to associate with him. This is ridiculous. Please forgive me!"! However, this man is a very rare talent. He is good at poetry. Of course, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, there is no need to say it again. Even the emperor's younger sister said after reading his poems that there is no way to compare with him except Su Zizhan. It is rare that he has good medical skills and cares about the people. The poor people in the west of the city are not less favored by this man. Even after the child ate the medicine he gave, his body is much better than before. Not only that, this person is also good at the art of governing the country, I often go to him to discuss with him, his speech is novel, the idea is quite deep, let me quite benefit, I also have a few of his policy here, although different from the world scholars, but also people have to be convinced. After hearing Zhao Xu's praise of Wang Jinghui, Emperor Yingzong Zhao Shu could not help but be very interested in him: "It's a bit absurd for you to hide your life experience and associate with him, but it's nothing. After all, people in the royal family and among the people will never tell the truth. There's nothing wrong for you to do so.". What did you mean when you said this man was good at statecraft? Can you show me what he wrote to see if he really has this talent? Zhao Xu found out from the bookcase that Wang Jinghui had given him a few pieces of advice, and gave them to Emperor Yingzong Zhao Shu to have a look at. He also said to one side, "This man's remarks are very different from those of all the people in the world. He also told me not to distribute these advice, so as not to be misunderstood. But after watching the article written by this man, I felt that although his words and opinions were biased, after he explained them in detail." It's also irrefutable. Yingzong Zhao Shu took Wang Jinghui's policy theory from his son and watched it carefully. When he read Wang Jinghui's policy theory for the first time, like his son, the content and viewpoint of the policy theory had a sharp impact on them. Wang Jinghui, a shameless plagiarist, undoubtedly synthesized the comprehensive evaluation of the ancients or events by modern people more than a thousand years later. In this respect, Zhao Shu's father and son and the ancients of this era can not be compared with him at all, but this does not mean that they can not understand this view, although it seems to be somewhat deviant in this era. But there were always practical realists in any Dynasty. Yingzong Zhao Shu is one of these realists. Unlike his son Zhao Xu, who is still romantic, Zhao Shu's experience makes him and his son completely different. Although he had only been in power for a few months and was not much better than his son in governing, he was under much more psychological pressure than his son before he succeeded to the throne and became the emperor of the empire, which Zhao Xu could not feel now, the pressure from the old lady in the Cishou Palace. Because of different experiences, Yingzong Zhao Shu's evaluation of Wang Jinghui's policy theory was much higher than that of his son Zhao Xu, because through his own experience and the ruling experience of the past few months,Magnesium Oxide powder, what Wang Jinghui wrote was much more brilliant, practical and operable than the orthodox principles described by the ministers who were only full of benevolence, righteousness and morality in the court.
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