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In fact, Niu Dazhuang is really playing this idea, once he scurried into the Daqing River, now this gang of soldiers will have no way to take him, and then he will try to find the centipede ridge to avenge his mother. At the moment, Scar Li blocked the way, and more than a dozen soldiers raised their knives to cut, so Niu Dazhuang had to return to cut with a knife. As a result, the knife was shining and the blade was flashing. After a burst of slashing, Niu Dazhuang cut down three or four soldiers, but he was also hit by a knife on his arm and leg. The blood had dyed Niu Dazhuang's grey trousers red. Then Scar Lee shouted: "See how much blood this boy has!" Niu Dazhuang is really stretched to the point of dealing with it. There is a saying that two fists are hard to defeat four hands. Besides, he hasn't fought with anyone yet. Now this kind of scene is still the first time. If he stops here, the result is not bad. It's a pity that a dozen soldiers around him are all like wolves, because as soon as you rush to kill them, they hide, while those behind them take the opportunity to chop with knives.. Seeing that Niu Dazhuang has been in a difficult situation to cope with. By this time, in the middle of the day, hundreds of people who had fled from famine had already gone to hide in the nearby mountains and forests. It seemed that on the edge of the Daqing River, apart from the sound of swords and shouts, you could only occasionally hear the sound of spray on the river. Against the sun and wind, on the other side of the mountain path on the other side of the Daqing River, a girl in black came kicking and bouncing. The long-eared black donkey under her crotch was stretching its head forward bit by bit. On the forehead of the girl in black, beads of sweat were like pearls, shining with the fierce sun. When the donkey reached the bank of the Daqing River,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, he found that the light of the knife on the other side was flashing, and the blade was like the color reflected by the sunlight on the river, and he faintly heard the sound of "tinkling". As soon as the girl in black saw it, she immediately said on the donkey's back, "Yes!" I saw the black donkey rush into the river and swim to the other side. As the saying goes, a donkey is afraid of ghosts and a pig is afraid of water. If you ride a donkey at night and suddenly the donkey stops walking, it will probably see the living son. At this time, even if you whip him, he will still not listen to the noise. Of course,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, the pig is most afraid of water, because it is already fat enough, if you drink a belly of water, how can you live. Although the donkey was not afraid of water, and although the girl in black bounced up and stood on the donkey's back, she was still washed downstream for nearly a hundred feet before the donkey's hoof touched the bottom of the river, and a pair of black silk trousers of the girl in black was already wet. The black donkey dragged the girl in black on the bank. Without waiting for the black donkey to come out of the river, she immediately flew and rushed to the scene of the fight. She was bumping into Niu Dazhuang. His feet were floating unsteadily. He split a knife in the east and cut in the west for a while. More than ten soldiers around him, under the shouts of Scar Li, just trapped Niu Dazhuang. It seemed that they were waiting for him to lie down so that they could tear him to pieces. The sky is deep dawn, but suddenly a group of shadows from the head and turned into the side of Niu Dazhuang, immediately make the knife north scar Li and a dozen minions stunned. The girl in black drew her sword in her hand, and the sun shone on her face like peaches and plums, but her face was as cold as ice: "There are so many people around an injured man that they can eat more and eat less!" Scar Lee see is a stunning woman, Leng ran not canthus teeth grinning way: "Big girl, where are you from?"! Don't get involved in this mess. You can rest and watch Scar Li clean up this stubborn bear. Just wait for him to be chopped. I'll take you to the Centipede Ridge to ensure that you can eat and drink spicy food. Leng ran a mention of the corners of the mouth, the girl in black said: "So you are bandits!" "Don't say it so harshly, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,brushed stainless steel sheet, big girl. The brothers are just playing with knives to make a living." Black girl sneer at a way: "In that case, let this girl weigh and see if you are enough to play with knives." Her voice was not exhausted, only to see a flash of strong light, suddenly see the shadow swaying and dancing, a moment burst out of a Yin Ling gas, no sword crash, no broken ribs, so a bunch of lightning-like green awn, a quick and unspeakable wave. As a result, the screams like tearing people's hearts and lungs, surrounded by the minions, when the girl in black green steel sword quickly brushed, almost four people's strength, was cut throat by the sword. Blood is like a spring protruding from the ground, but what the spring spouts is red. Perhaps because the girl in black is too beautiful, so the soldiers around did not prevent the girl in black will come up so suddenly. Scar Lee exclaimed: "Those who work as bandits are also afraid of cruelty. If they brazenly say the word" human nature ", it will make people laugh their heads off!" "Granny, it seems that you are a poisonous snake, I even cut together!"! Brothers, go! Suddenly, the girl in black turned over, a goshawk preyed in midair, the green steel sword had brought up a rain of blood, she seemed to say no more, the sword was light, the body was strange, a few face to face, she had already assassinated several people.. Niu Dazhuang had drum the last Yu Yong, waiting for an opportunity to kill Scar Lee, even if he fell down, also feel worth it, at this time to see a capable person, not by the spirit, I saw him send out a shout, straight to Scar Lee, mouth scold a way: "I'll split you bastard!" Scar Li yuan was also quite cunning. At this time, he found that the girl in black was a capable person in Jianghu, and he was absolutely no match for others. He was so timid that he wanted to scatter the duck and leave, but unexpectedly, Niu Dazhuang cut it with a knife and hurriedly raised his knife to greet him. "当 ! Scar Li's knife did not fall, but one arm was numb to the heart, crying "not good", wiping his head and running away. Suddenly, more than ten refugees rushed out of the woods, holding stones, carrying poles and bamboo sticks in their hands, shouting like madmen: "Kill the dog robber!" As soon as Scar Li saw that several people were coming menacingly, and Niu Dazhuang was chasing after him, he had to grind his teeth and flee to the river. Although Niu Dazhuang's arms and legs were injured, he summoned up his courage and insisted on cutting Scar Li. It was not difficult to see that his right hand dragged the steel knife behind him and his whole body rushed forward. As the saying goes, "a desperate dog jumps over a wall, and a desperate man hangs on a beam." Because he had no way out, he dived into the Daqing River. Then Niu Dazhuang and a group of refugees came after him. As soon as they reached the shore,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Niu Dazhuang opened his big mouth and laughed and scolded: Catch a flea on the egg, I see you jump on the bird! With these words, he jumped into the Daqing River with a "splash".
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