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He felt cold all over. It turned out that Qingxiu had retired, but finally he could not escape drinking blood in Jianghu. Walk quickly Lan Haoyue rushed up and dragged him standing in a daze to the woods. So he came here, with blood on his body, he could not see, but he could feel it. But other than that, what can we do? He has been disgusted with the sword to hurt people, but now the woman beside him, all the way to support him regardless of life and death, so that he can no longer leave her aside. There was blood on one side of his cheek, which Lan Haoyue noticed at this time. She hesitated for a moment, raised her hand and wiped it gently for him. Sunlight fell in front of her through the trees, and she seemed to have returned to the first encounter, running away in the dark and helping each other. At that time, he was still a cold man who refused people thousands of miles away. She, on the other hand, is reckless and arrogant. Chi Qingyu's breath was near her. She closed her eyes and hugged his shoulder, trying to feel the last warmth. Stunned, he turned sideways to speak to her, only to touch her face. A moment of skin touch made both of them tremble. Lan Haoyue's heart rose and fell. Under the attack of the mighty mountain wind, she seemed to have forgotten all her troubles. She held his neck and kissed his lips deeply regardless of everything. That kind of gentle and soft, that kind of interweaving, that kind of breathing, the kind of determination to go to heaven and earth as long as I am with you, makes the long-lost lingering surging and difficult to suppress. A flower bloomed in the bottom of Chi Qingyu's heart. He had never seen a flower open,endless swim spa, or even known what it looked like, but at that moment he heard a very light and very fast sound, and with a snap, something that had been frozen for a long time cracked from top to bottom. Then, a stubborn lotus flower standing proudly in the blue waves slowly unfolded its double petals. In the center of the lotus heart is the nectar shining like jade beads, drop by drop, grain by grain, reflecting the moonlight, glittering and translucent,endless pool factory, without any flaw. There is a wind blowing, blowing the hair. Intellectually, he still wanted to resist, but his hand, just raised, was held tightly by her. She threw herself into his arms, filling the emptiness in his arms with her own softness. He could no longer suppress his emotions. For more than a thousand days and nights, she lingered in the warmth of her heart several times. Her breath, her skin, her everything, like tighter and tighter strands, lingered around him. He loved her tenderness, loved her sweetness, and even the reckless and childish slapstick was a pleasure he seldom experienced. The bright moon.. Chi Qingyu gently touched her cheek and reached out to touch her, as if holding the most precious and fragile treasure in the world. Her eyes were moist, and she did not know what her fate would be after that, but she just wanted to stay with him for a moment longer and breathe a little more. In this way, hot tub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub spa, I would like to stay on the top of the mountain, deep in the forest, and never separate again. And she touche his thin face, as she had said before, to remember his appearance in her heart. I want to be with you. Together, in my heart, there is only you. Lan Haoyue murmured and kissed his eyebrows and eyes. His breath shuddered over her lips. As she gasped, Chi Qingyu turned her face slightly sideways and whispered, "Thank you." She curled her eyes. "Why?" He stared at the front, and in the distance there were clouds and smoke rising gradually, and the mountains and valleys were like fairyland, but he could not see them. It is enough for you to remember that I am happy. There was a faint smile on Chi Qingyu's lips. He reached across her eyebrows and touched her long eyelashes carefully. "I had the most beautiful time." Lan Haoyue looked at him with a slight surprise in her heart. When the wind blew the forest, she turned around and saw a figure sweeping from the mountain path. Shocked, she held the sword tightly, but heard a gentle voice over there: "Haoyue, Haoyue.." "Aunt?" Lan Haoyue suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, put down his sword and got up to push aside the branches and leaves, "I'm here!" Murong Jin walked quickly to the forest and saw Chi Qingyu standing up holding the tree at a glance. In the brief encounter three years ago, the aloof and aloof young man did not leave a deep impression in her heart. Now, when she saw him again, his eyes were closed and he was haggard, but the feeling of being as clear as pool water still lingered. She looked at Chi Qingyu in silence. Lan Haoyue looked back, thinking that her aunt cared that he had fled here with her. She stepped back and explained, "Aunt, we didn't elope, but because we heard the conversation between Zhang Heting and Zhuo Yuxian, we went to Emei to save our lives.." Only then did Murong Jin come to his senses and said lightly, "I heard the Abbess say that she was hurt, and then she came." When Chi Qingyu heard her words, she stood forward and saluted with difficulty, saying, "Madam Tang." Murong Jin pursed his lips tightly and looked away, trying to answer, but when the words came to his mouth, he did not know what to call him. Chi Qingyu was slightly stunned, thinking that she had not treated herself in this way before, and then thinking of the situation today, but also did not care. Lan Haoyue didn't take it to heart either. She just wanted to get out of trouble quickly. She said eagerly, "Aunt, I heard that Zhuo Yuxian has gone up the mountain. If he comes after her.." "He won't hurt you with me here." Murong Jin took a deep breath and looked sideways at the mountain path, where the sun was slanting on the empty stone steps, somewhat pale. The bright moon. She suddenly said, "Miss Yin and my men are coming this way. I'm afraid there are people from Qingcheng on the way. You can't sit here and wait for others to save you. Go to meet them quickly." Lan Haoyue was stunned and said, "But Qingyu was hurt. I'm afraid.." "I'll stay here." Murong Jin smiled. "You should know that Abbess Liao Yi was injured because of protecting you. If the disciples of Emei make mistakes again, you won't blame yourself." Lan Haoyue was still hesitating. Chi Qingyu frowned and said, "Haoyue, listen to your aunt and go to meet her.". Even if Zhuo Yuxian comes, we can withstand it for a while. Although Lan Haoyue was reluctant to leave, she thought that her aunt's martial arts were far above her own. With her here, she would be able to protect the safety of Sapphire. What's more, looking at the hidden terrain here, if the people sent by Qingcheng come, they may not be able to find the traces of the two of them. So with a sword in hand, he turned to Chi Qingyu and said,best whirlpool tub, "Qingyu, I'll be right back. You.." "Well, I'll wait here." Chi Qingyu said indifferently.
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