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Li Junyi turned around, but his eyes were still closed. "Of course, all animals can feel pain. Li Junyi's words made Yin Zhiyuan very excited." You see, you see, Junyi is a knowledgeable and educated person. He agrees with me. " Then I heard Yin Zhiyuan say, "Brother Hudong, you haven't turned into a bird or a shark. How do you know they don't hurt? Maybe they hurt to death." Sure enough, it is the answer of Chu Ding's style, let big. Li Junyi also rubbed his eyes and gradually woke up. I only heard Jiang Hudong repeatedly say, "I heard what Yin Zhongxin said. He is a doctor. What he said must be credible." With these words, Jin stopped his car on the side of a snack street and began to ask his friends. Jiang Hudong pulled Li Shengji out of the car. Zhunyi, are you sure all animals can feel pain? Li Xiugen's voice came from the back row. Li Junyi greatly stretched a lazy waist and yawned, "I don't know, but it should be.". Otherwise, it would be ridiculous. Pain is a part of the nervous system. Li Junyi, who should have pain nerves in all animals, said a few professional Korean words, which surprised everyone. Soon, Jin got the result. He consulted the doctor's friend and searched for the answer. He found that Li Junyi and Yin Zhiyuan were right. All animals can feel pain. Jiang Hudong greeted everyone out of the car, and Li Junyi naturally stood with Yin Zhiyuan and Jin. Jiang Hudong and Li Shengji said excitedly,aluminum tile edge trim, "The last chance to choose us or the object of their conversation is Li Xiugen and Beimeng.". Li Junyi was sleeping just now, but he could not hear it clearly. "Are they so serious?". Ask Yin Zhiyuan. The winner gets Soy Beans in Minced Meat and Noodles. Yin Zhiyuan said excitedly that Li Zhunyi suddenly realized that everyone had been hungry for a day. No wonder he was so persistent about this issue. Now that the answer has been confirmed, the winners are naturally Li Junyi, Yin Zhiyuan and Jin. Just now in the car, Li Xiugen and Peng Meng heard the answer, only Jiang Hudong and Li Shengji got off. So this Hai let them two Ding again, make a choice, Li Xiugen and this dream did not have any hesitation to stand on the side of Li Junyi. Zhunyi,tile trim factory, are you sure, are you sure? Jiang Hudong also shouted at Li Junyi. Li Junyi frowned, "Brother Hudong, you'd better come to my side. I'm really sure." Li Junyi's words instead controlled Jiang Hudong, who looked depressed, while others clapped their hands and laughed. Yin Zhiyuan even patted Li Junyi on the shoulder and said, "You are so strong." As a result, Jiang Hudong and Li Shengji were alone. Jiang Hudong repeated the same trick again, holding Li Shengji up and turning around twice. Dare Jiang Hudong is often only hugging people, no wonder at the beginning of the hugging Li Junyi, we did not feel strange. Peng Meng interjected, "Brother Hudong only holds Shengji and you." The envy and jealousy in his tone made Li Junyi laugh. After confirming the grouping, Jin said the answer, but Jiang Hudong still didn't believe it. As a result, aluminum tile trim ,tile profile factory, Li Shengji asked the opposite Internet cafe to search for the answer. Jiang Hudong personally talked to Jin's doctor friends, from dentists to veterinarians, but still didn't believe it. Jiang Hudong also put the last glimmer of hope on Li Shengji, but Yin Zhiyuan and Li Junyi had already gone to a Chinese restaurant not far away to order Soy Beans in Minced Meat and Noodles. Even sitting inside the shop, Li Junyi could hear Jiang Hudong shouting outside, apparently eating Jiang Hudong's cover door all the time. Li Junyi is also very sensitive to food, but definitely not as good as Jiang Hudong. When Lee Seung-ki returned, he printed a stack of materials, which proved that Kim and Lee Jun-yi's idea was right from the beginning. Jiang Hudong Lixuan was angry, and Li Shengji even humbly said to Li Junyi, "Can I change to you now?" The result was a simple and clear "late" by Li Junyi. Blocked back, next to a circle of staff are snickering. As a result, Li Junyi and others ate Soy Beans in Minced Meat and Noodles around the table, the first meal of the day. But Jiang Hudong still couldn't believe the fact that he was reading the material, while Li Shengji's eyes were stuck on the Soy Beans in Minced Meat and Noodles and pot stickers, swallowing saliva endlessly. Behind Jiang Hudong began to get angry with Yin Zhongxin, kept beating the table, fat dream also worried that Jiang Hudong was not stimulated enough, directly took the Soy Beans in Minced Meat and Noodles to sit opposite Jiang Hudong to eat, but also handed a pair of chopsticks to Jiang Hutong, the temptation of Chiguoguo. As a result, Jiang Hudong replied, "I am a descendant of the tiger, and I will not eat grass, absolutely!" Li Shengji answered, "Brother Hudong, I am a descendant of human beings. Can't I eat a little?" Li Junyi almost burst out laughing. Lee Jun-yi see Lee Seung-ki is too hungry, beckoning him to come over to eat, but Lee Seung-ki still has some idol burden, feel to abide by faith, finally stick to the front, did not yield in front of the mixed sauce noodles. After everyone finished eating, Yin Zhongxin replied to Jiang Hudong's questioning text message, which actually said, "I'm not sure, don't trust me too much." Let Jiang Hudong hold the back of the head, almost fainted directly. So all the way to the destination, until more than eight o'clock in the evening, everyone arrived at the destination. Really is the garden, gathers at nine o'clock in the morning, does not set out until one o'clock in the afternoon, the journey of two hours, just arrives at more than eight o'clock at night, really enough "freedom" First watch today. (To be continued) [Text 291 Two Days and One Night (IV)] When you arrive at the host's house, it is natural to say hello. The diplomatic language was all handed over to Jiang Hudong,stainless steel tile edge trim, plus Jin, who was familiar with Li Waixiu, while the others sat beside him with a clever look.
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