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Trimming your hedges and trees quite a bit of work. If you try to get it finished with shears, you’ll find yourself spending a significant amount of some time and wearing yourself out needlessly. One particular purchase can create a significant difference in the length of time as well as the task takes, and most people who make the investment are glad they did.

Hedge trimmers enable you to get your hedges and shrubs looking just right without this trying out too much effort or energy. The proper hedge trimmer helps to make the work efficient, safe, and fast. If you’ve realized it’s time to purchase a hedge trimmer, or you’re ready to replace one that’s getting old, here are a few things you should know to get the right one for you.

Kinds of Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers can have one among two power sources: electricity or gas. Your first big decision in picking a hedge trimmer is which kind of power you prefer.


For many home users, electric hedge trimmers would be the smart choice. They’re more lightweight and therefore much easier to use. They’re more cost-effective. They’re quieter. And they’re much easier to start and sustain than gas models. The key area where electric hedge trimmers fall short is with regards to power, for especially big or tough trimming jobs, the job will be slower and more difficult than with a gas hedge trimmer.

Electric hedge trimmers can be found in either corded or cordless options. With a corded hedge trimmer, you’ll should do take care of extension cords when you work and remain in just a set distance in the outlet the entire time, that is inconvenient. Corded hedge trimmers have the work easier since you can go as not even close to the outlet since you need, don’t have to trail cords behind you, and can take advantage of the trimmer for as long as battery charge lasts.


In case you have a larger yard with big hedges, a gas hedge trimmer could be well worth the buy. They are more expensive, weigh more, and are harder to make use of (especially for beginners), however they will take on tougher jobs faster. If you’ll be utilising your hedge trimmer for commercial purposes, or for those who have hedges which are particularly large, thick, or unruly, a gas hedge trimmer is likely to make the task easier.

Note: If you’re a novice to hedge trimmers, start out with an electric powered hedge trimmer. They’re much easier to maneuver and safer to use when you’re receiving the hang of things. If you realise the electric hedge trimmer isn’t powerful for your requirements after you’ve become adept at making use of it, then consider upgrading to gas.

top Rated electric Hedge trimmer

Hedge Trimmer Blades

Hedge trimmer blades may be found in one of two styles:

Single-sided blades
Double-sided blades

Double-sided blades tend to be more common plus cut more efficiently. Single-sided blades are safer because you can always keep the cutting edge away from you.

A wide array of blade lengths provides different user experiences. Longer blades permit you to trim bushes more evenly but might be tougher to wield. Smaller blades, like 18" are sufficient for trimming average-sized hedges and bushes.

What the best hedge trimmer has:

Lots of power. When you have older hedges with thick branches, you will want a comparatively powerful machine to trim them.

A rotating blade. When you want to trim between hedges and walls, fences or another plants, it's good to have a rotating blade that permits you to support the unit comfortably and safely while cutting at different angles.

Locking on/off switch. If you love to trim your hedges in a work session, a lock-on switch will reduce fatigue as you trim. Conversely, if you will certainly be working near children, dogs or some other distractions, a switch that will require continuous pressure to work is actually a safer option.

Very light. What you consider to get light-weight is subjective, but the lighter a trimmer is, the more you'll be capable of apply it before fatigue sets in. If you're unclear what you can handle, try the trimmer within a store (glance at the motions without actually powering it up) or rent one you're considering to be certain it's ideal for you.

Tolerable noise levels. All power tools, hedge trimmers included, could be very loud. However, some electric and cordless models are extremely quiet, they probably won't bother the neighbors too much.

An effective warranty. Users report occasional durability complications with even the best hedge trimmers, sometimes right from the box. Search for a model containing at the very least a two-year warranty. Models rated for commercial use may carry warranties as long as 5yrs for homeowners.


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