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From heavy duty construction to fine woodworking, power drills make nearly every job easier. These versatile tools adapt to the work at hand thank to almost countless bits. Among power drills, cordless drills are among the most portable and versatile, and recent advances in battery technology have made them better and efficient than ever. Many types of cordless drills exist, so you’ll need to have a firm comprehension of which is the best for your need prior to buying. Power and performance may differ widely between products, so when versatile as cordless drills are, some drills are better than others in particular situations.


The quantity of power battery can deliver in your drill is measured in volts. Cordless drills with higher voltage (for example 36 volts) are for specialized or professional jobs, while lower voltage tools are for light-duty drilling/driving only. Choose your voltage platform carefully to improve your investment within a platform.

Hitachi DS18DBFL2


There's nothing more frustrating than the usual drill that poops out on you during a huge project. The simplest way to avoid this issue is usually to select a drill with lightweight, long-running lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which stay in full power right up to the battery gives out. Most full-sized drills are now using Li-ion batteries, however, some cordless screwdrivers still rely on older nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries.


Old-school battery chargers took 3 to 5 hours to replenish life of the battery. Modern "smart" chargers, by contrast, can recharge a lithium-ion battery in 15 to 1 hour. Some models can even charge two or more batteries at once. However, some cheaper drills and drivers will still require substantial charging times.

Brushless Motor vs. Brush Motor

As you’re comparing cordless drills, you’ll notice that it must be more common for top-end drills and impact drivers to become designed with brushless motors now. By using a regular motor unit, brushes exist and might wear out as time passes and need replacing. When a cordless drill features a brushless motor, it will usually be a little more expensive, but there are many good things about possessing a brushless motor like:

Brushless motors are quieter

They produce less heat

Brushless motors will be more powerful

You may not need replacement parts with brushless motors

Chuck Size

The chuck will be the name of your clamp that holds the drill bit into position. It’s an important feature to understand when looking for a cordless drill as the chuck size determines the actual size of the bit that this drill can use. ½" and 3/8" are the two most common chuck sizes. For heavy duty work, you’ll discover that a ½" chuck will work significantly better and handle the burden easier. Smaller or less-expensive models may have a 3/8-inch chuck. Take into account that this is still usually over adequate for light duty in your home.


Torque is the quantity of force the drill will be able to generate to transform an accessory. Torque is measured in "inch-pounds." Most 12-volt and 18-volt drills have plenty of torque to have a wide variety of jobs done. The level of torque needed depends upon the diameter size or perhaps the material density. The tougher the applying, the greater the torque required.

Convenience Features

The characteristics users find best with a cordless drill include a battery gauge, a trigger-activated LED light to illuminate the work area, and storage from the handle for additional bits. Carrying cases and belt hooks can also be popular - especially hooks that may be switched to hang on both sides for left- or right-handed users.

Try before you purchase.

It's always best to try tools face-to-face, if you can. A website can let you know exactly how much the tool weighs, although not the actual way it feels with you. A great cordless tool should feel balanced, not front-heavy, while you hold it. The trigger ought to be responsive without having to be overly sensitive or difficult to depress. Ensure you can readily remove and replace the battery, too.


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