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A string trimmer goes into places where a lawn mower can’t and will also tackle tall weeds or grass that might choke a mower. It’s the best tool to keep the sides of your own garden or walkway tidy and neat and for manicuring around fence poles and tree trunks.

To choose the right string trimmer to your yard, you should answer two questions: What sort of shaft do you need-curved or straight; and which power source is easiest-gas, electric, or battery? Here’s how to decide.

Gas-Powered Models

PROS: Capacity to cleanup a big yard, large cutting swath (16 to 18 inches)

CONS: Weight, noise, pollution, maintenance; the necessity to keep gas and oil accessible

Two-Cycle Engine

On an affordable trimmer (under $200) with all the power along with the reach to completely clean up a big yard, look for a 2-cycle machine containing separate primer, choke, and throttle controls for simple starting. Two-cycle engines operate on a mixture of gas and oil.

Four-Cycle Engine

Having a big jungle to tame, you'll need a trimmer with a 4-cycle engine. Though more pricey ($300 and up), these powerful machines are easier to start, quieter, pollute less, and run smoother than 2-cycle motors, and don't need a gas-oil mix.

Electric Trimmers

PROS: Portability and light-weight weight; affordable price ($50 to $150); less noise

CONS: Less power; limited extension-cord reach or battery lifespan; small cutting swath (12 to 15 inches); can't handle brush cutting

Electric With Cord

While unable to saw brush, a 3-amp or better corded electric machine is powerful enough to clean up up a suburban yard, provided you've got outdoor outlets and a long extension cord. Plus, it's the least expensive option.


Cordless trimmers are designed for grass and weeds in a small yard, and they're simple to toss within the trunk when it's your consider tidy Grandma's patio. The rechargeable 12-volt battery means no hassling with extension cords or gas-oil mixtures, and buying a spare battery pack will alleviate the downside of the short term time.

Straight shaft or curved shaft?

Experts discover that there isn't much performance difference between both the types of string trimmer, but that every type is better for some kinds of jobs. In accordance with your blog post in the Echo web site, curved shaft trimmers are perfect for light trimming; "They can be typically used for lawns which can be covered in trees or areas with multiple posts that need trimming and require easy maneuvering," they claim. Straight-shaft weed whackers are more heavy-duty on the whole, and are best for properties where you will certainly be doing lots of cutting under things like bushes and shrubbery.

Other Considerations

In The Event You Buy a Powered Base?

With both gas- and battery-powered string trimmers, you’ll have the option of purchasing a stand-alone tool or even a powered base. The second is essentially an engine or possibly a motor designed to accept different attachments, and it’s typically sold using a string trimmer head. For the majority of models, you may also obtain a hedge trimmer, pole saw, edger, and brush cutter, and even a cultivator attachment. It’s a great choice should you need a string trimmer and any or all of the additional tools, and you also don’t hold the space for multiple tools, or perhaps the money, to buy each separately.

Mind the space

Before buying any string trimmer, check out the cutting head, where it meets the shaft in the trimmer. If there’s a big gap, be warned that tall grass probably will get wrapped around the shaft because spot. Instead, locate a model having a minimal gap, or one by having an easy-to-remove cutting head, to help you quickly pop the head off and remove weeds.

Safety First

String trimmers can simply break through skin and send debris flying when they cut. They have a shield to deflect most debris, but even so, you’ll wish to wear gloves, protective eyewear, boots, and long pants, along with hearing protection for gas models.

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