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一款百得(<strong>black<\/strong>&decker)电钻模型分享给你String trimmers are available in cordless, corded or gas models. Use this guide to compare your options and select the right string trimmer to suit your needs.

Gas or electric?

Gas hedge trimmers are generally preferred for big properties and extended use, and so they still perform the best job of whacking away thick underbrush. However, gas engines require more care and maintenance -- and don't ignore makers' warnings regarding fuel storage and ethanol content in fuel -- doing so can bring about a costly repair that won't be covered under warranty.

Cordless Electric String Trimmers

Because they're battery-powered, cordless trimmers don't expect you to concern yourself with gas or even oil. In addition they don't need an extension cord which will restrict your mobility.

Different features including the model of the shaft or maybe the cutting style will help you pick the best string trimmer. However, the important draw of cordless string trimmers may be the power supply.

New battery technology has made cordless weed whackers popular than ever before. In reality, some have adequate battery lifespan in order to complete a similar jobs that the gas trimmer can.

Varieties of Batteries

You'll find two kinds of rechargeable batteries accessible for your lawn tools:

Lithium-ion batteries
Ni-Cad batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have become the standard, but both types provide power for your yardwork tasks. However, if you'll be working on large projects, think about backup battery so you won't have to watch for one battery to recharge in the event you run out or power before you're done.

And do not forget that the battery only drains when you're squeezing the trigger. Only run the trimmer when you're trimming, and the battery lasts a lot longer.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries will be the more modern innovation to power string trimmers. Intended for improved performance, lithium-ion batteries are really popular for 3 reasons:

1. They're lightweight - around 50% lighter than the usual comparable Ni-Cad battery - therefore the string trimmer won’t weigh the maximum amount of when in use.
2. They don't experience any drop-off in power or performance as being the battery runs down. Power output stays consistent throughout the entire cycle of use.
3. They are often recharged around three times as many times as a Ni-Cad battery prior to the battery has to be replaced.

Lithium-ion batteries can be found in a number of different voltages, starting from 18 volts to 82 volts. Check your trimmer's product manual to ascertain how much voltage you need when selecting a replacement lithium-ion battery

Ni-Cad Batteries

Ni-Cad batteries continue to be available, nonetheless they represent an older form of battery technology. They're relatively heavy, and you will notice a noticeable drop-off in power and gratifaction like a Ni-Cad battery runs right down to the final from the charge.

In the past, Ni-Cad batteries are already more affordable than their high-performance lithium-ion counterparts. However, they're becoming less available, and therefore you'll have several more many years of trimming before you if you choose a lithium-ion trimmer when it comes a chance to upgrade.

Curved or Straight Shaft

String trimmers have either a straight shaft or possibly a curved shaft, the latter that is bent about halfway between the handle along with the spinning trimmer head. A straight shaft is often better for taller users because it’s longer, and also the design lets you trim without kneeling or bending to hold the trimmer head close to the ground.

Shorter users may want a curved shaft because it’s easier to hold and maneuver, and its design makes it far more convenient to hold the cutting head perpendicular to the floor. If you’ve never used a string trimmer, try one among each at the home center or home improvement store to see which feels more natural.

Other Considerations

Should You Purchase a Powered Base?

With both gas- and battery-powered string trimmers, you’ll have the choice of purchasing a stand-alone tool or possibly a powered base. The second is simply an engine or a motor made to accept different attachments, and it’s typically sold by using a string trimmer head. If you adored this write-up and you would like to obtain more facts concerning Ryobi Ry40220 Review kindly browse through the web site. For almost all models, you can also have a hedge trimmer, pole saw, edger, and brush cutter, or even a cultivator attachment. It’s a great choice if you need a string trimmer as well as or every one of the additional tools, and you also don’t have the space for multiple tools, or perhaps the money, to acquire each separately.

Mind the space

Prior to buying any string trimmer, glance at the cutting head, where it meets the shaft from the trimmer. If there’s a huge gap, be warned that tall grass will most likely get wrapped across the shaft for the reason that spot. Instead, search for a model using a minimal gap, a treadmill by having an easy-to-remove cutting head, so you can quickly pop the head off and remove weeds.

Safety First

String trimmers can easily break through skin and send debris flying while they cut. These people have a shield to deflect most debris, but however, you’ll want to wear gloves, protective eyewear, boots, and long pants, as well as hearing protection for gas models.


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