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Homeowners and contractors alike rely on the take-no-prisoners, heavy-duty suction power of the wet/dry vacuum. From sawdust inside the workshop with an overflowing bathtub, a wet/dry vacuum can make easy work of any tough mess.

Major brands are pushing stackable and cordless wet/dry vacuums and other new designs because they try to get wet/dry vacuums out of the basement and in to the kitchen and family room. But cleaning ability ought to be your main concern.

Size, Capacity and Power

Wet/dry vacs are classified by capacity (measured in gallons) and peak horsepower (hp). They come in a variety of types and sizes from portable and handheld units to large 18-gallon professional vacs.

Tip: Small units having a high horsepower and low capacity work effectively in demanding environments with restrictive space requirements.

Small capacity (2 - 6 gallons):

1 - 4.5 hp
Available as corded or cordless
Can be handheld or caster mounted
Quiet operation
Well suited for smaller tasks around the house, car or boat

Medium capacity (6 – 14 gallons):

5 - 6 hp
Has blower conversion capability
Are designed for everything from fine dust to large debris
Great for most indoor/outdoor cleaning tasks around the house or shop, including wet basement cleanup to standard home and garden tasks.

Large capacity (14 - 18 gallons):

6+ hp
Are designed for from fine dust to large debris
Suitable for heavy-duty and commercial use where maximum horsepower is essential.

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Utilize the wrong filter and you may have dust or water blowing back into the air. The filter you want is usually based on the type of debris you will be getting.

Large debris - Purchase a filter using a general household filtration level or better

Medium debris - Purchase a filter by using a medium filtration level or better

Fine debris - Buy a filter by using a fine filtration level

Wet debris - We recommend getting a foam sleeve to your filter

If you or someone your home is with has allergies, we propose by using a HEPA cartridge filter or HEPA collection bag, regardless of the type of debris you anticipate cleaning up most regularly.

Wide Hose

Vacuums using a 2½-inch hose have a tendency to work faster with less clogging than those having a 1¼-inch hose.

Cleanup Tools

Most models feature a utility nozzle, for bulky debris, along with a crevice nozzle for tight spots. Some also have a special nozzle for car interiors plus an insert for a dusting brush. A squeegee attachment aids in spills. Normally the one-piece version on some vacuums is far more convenient compared to insert on others.

Extension Wands

Long ones reduce the requirement for stooping and kneeling.

Blower Port / Detachable Blower

In case you have plenty of fall yard clean up to do, or have hard-to-reach areas to clean, you may want to think about a vac having a blower port and/or a detachable blower. Our detachable blower constitutes a great leaf blower, so buying a vac by using a detachable blower is like buying two tools in one! If you have hard-to-reach areas to wash, buying a vac by using a blower port will be helpful, as possible blow the dust into a place which is quicker to clear.

Tank Drain

Are you considering collecting lots of water? Then, you’re gonna require a tank drain. This additional opening inside the tank of your vac permits you to easily empty the tank in to a drain. It’s guaranteed to make life simpler.

Plastic vs. Stainless Tank

This particular one is easy - you can find good things about both. Plastic tanks are lighter and won’t dent. Stainless-steel tanks tend to be more durable and easier to clean. Whichever is a lot more crucial that you you will end up your perfect fit.

So, there it really is. Our help guide picking your perfect vac. And if you would like much more special features you are able to accessorize. But we’ll save that for the next blog…

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