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The Dyson Ball Animal 2 can be a high-tech, performance vacuum. It cleans adequately, handles great, and true to its name, does a great job at collecting pet hair. However, it wasn't the very best overall inside the test and neglected to win an award. Additionally, it is additionally exceedingly costly - all of those fancy cyclonic separators along with other top notch features aren't cheap.

To really see which vacuum became available on the top and sucked away all of the competition, we bought the best models available today and place them through a series of side-by-side tests to award the winners. Each product received a general score from -100 according to its performance in your five rating metrics - Hard Surface Cleaning, Convenience, Handling, Upholstery Cleaning, and Pet Hair - each weighted proportionately to their importance. The next sections provide more detail about how exactly the Dyson Ball Animal 2 performed and why it only merited the runner-up position.

Carpet Cleaners is essentially the most important metric from the test, comprising 35% of the total score. This metric consisted of evaluating each vacuum's ability at collecting oats, flour, cereal, and rice - both on the low-pile flat carpet and medium-pile fluffy carpet. The Dyson Ball did well earning a 7 away from 10, tying for your runner-up position using the Shark Rotator and the Miele Compact in this metric.

The Dyson did very well within our rice collection test on low-pile carpet, taking two passes to get 99% of the rice plus a final third pass to accumulate some residual fragments and dust. It performed similarly in the fluffy carpet, however it only took two passes - no final cleanup pass required!

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 was somewhat of a disappointment in your flour collection test, doing a complete mediocre job. It did average at collecting flour on both low and medium-pile carpet, about comparable to the Hoover.

The Animal 2's performance did improve within our cereal collection test. This model did an exceptional job at collecting Cheerios from flat carpet, practically getting everything in the first pass and having the remainder with a second. It did a little bit worse in the fluffy carpet, tending to push the cereal around as opposed to collect it.

This vacuum finished out this performance having an alright score at collecting oatmeal. It did fine about the flat carpet, though left some crushed up oat dust behind. A similar instance took place the fluffier carpet, with all of the large flakes collected after two passes, but lots of crumbs and fragments were baked into the carpet that refused being sucked up - despite 8-10 passes!

Ranking next regarding importance, our Simplicity of use rating metric made up 25% of the total score. This consisted of evaluating how easy it absolutely was to transition between different flooring types, each vacuum's maximum reach, as well as its noise levels, and also how closely it could clean beside an advantage or under furniture. The Animal 2 scored reasonably well, earning a 6 out of 10 - tying for that runner-up position with the bulk of the pack.

Out of all the models, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 can make it the easiest to switch between hard and soft flooring. This model automatically adjusts the height, and also owning an method to disable the rotating brush.

This model did well inside our edging test, virtually collecting every one of the rice - while it was surpassed from the Kenmore.

For that furniture test, the Animal 2 did about average. This model reached 5.5"-6" under our simulated box sofa - about half with regards to the most notable models, such as the Shark Rotator.

This vacuum is a bit in the loud side, especially when it is on carpet, reading 76 dBa in the SPL meter - your third-loudest of the entire group.

Tying for your second highest score of your entire group, the Ball Animal 2 did perfectly inside our Handling metric. To evaluate this, we rated and compared the pushing and pulling effort, the maneuverability, and the ease at cleaning a flight of stairs. Altogether, these three tests included 20% of the total score.

It was actually quite simple to completely clean a flight of stairs together with the Animal 2. This model tied to the longest reach of your entire group using the Kenmore Elite, capable to clean 12 stairs before having to be moved. However, this vacuum is a little around the heavy side, finishing during the rest, as shown from the chart below.

This model did master our maneuverability test, tying for the top score overall. We cleaned around a set of typical furniture, noting where each vacuum got stuck or missed spots. This is probably the easiest to maneuver upright vacuum, only matched by the Shark Rotator - a certain amount of an unfair matchup, since the Rotator provides the lift-away feature to boost maneuverability.

Finishing out this metric using a decent score, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 only took moderate to mild effort to push or pull - slightly hampered by the weight.

The Ball Animal 2 did well from the Hard Surface Cleaning list of tests, but not the ideal - yet again finishing runner-as much as the Shark Rotator using its score of 7 from 10. We again used rice, flour, oats, and cereal as our test messes, conducting each of these tests with a portion of laminate hardwood floor. This vacuum automatically adjusts the height for hard floors so we turned the brush off for most of these tests.

The Ball Animal 2 did adequately from the rice test, getting each of the debris around the first pass. However, it did not continue this performance with the flour test. The Ball Animal 2 collected all of the flour off of the surface of the floor, but left lots of residual debris in the cracks - despite multiple passes.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 resumed its solid performance inside our cereal test, collecting all of the Cheerios within a pass. We had been somewhat skeptical at the beginning, as the Dysoninitially piled them up rather than sucking them up, but shifted part way through and collected each and every Cheerio. This vacuum finished out our test with a solid score, cleaning the vast majority of oats in just one pass, with simply a light cleanup pass necessary to finish the work.

The very last metric with this test, Pet hair, takes credit to the remaining 10% in the total score. True to the name, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 did exceptionally well in this particular test, tying for that top score having its 9 from 10. This vacuum collected the next highest level of hair, only rivaled from the Shark Navigator Deluxe. We tested this by spreading 5 grams of pet hair from the local groomer out on medium-pile carpet, then pressing it together with a floor roller.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 collected 94% in the hair, just lagging the 96% of the Navigator.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 isn't a fantastic value, offering 2nd-tier performance in a premium price.

Stuffed with technology along with other features, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 is priced being a top quality, premium vacuum. However, it can be hard to recommend this model whenever it was outperformed by a substantially less expensive model.

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