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Nov 19, 2014 In the past, erectile dysfunction ads have kept their imagery firmly in the So guys, a sexy blonde woman in her forties says directly into theOct 14, 2014 With her smooth and sultry tones, Linette Beaumont has become the first woman to star in a commercial for Viagra.Maybe it was mentioned before but the women in the Viagra ads. I never pay attention .. in ED ads. Also, she is older than the blonde you fancy from the other Viagra ad. . anyone know who the actress at the beginning is?Sep 16, 2016 The vast majority of Viagra ads feature a polished woman in her 40s with long, straight hair gazing seductively at the camera and saying thingsDec 9, 2012 But if you do that, beware, every so often you may wind up fast forwarding passed a commercial that features a ridiculously hot woman.Viagra helps guys get and keep an erection. Satisfy her with the help of Viagra TV Commercial, ;You and Your Honey; . Who is the actress? Like · Reply · 4y.Viagra TV Spot For The Age Of Knowing How To Make Things Happen The woman walking to the car is brunette and the woman that gets into the car isOct 6, 2014 While we can debate the impact of TV ads on the industry;s “Viagra;s new TV ad features a beautiful mid-aged blonde woman in a blue dress.Oct 12, 2014 Viagra has decided to target women in their new commercial. Does it work for you?"> <a web?q="Viagra%20commercial%20blonde%20actress""> <li web?q="Viagra%20commercial%20blonde%20actressqo=paginationqsrc=998page=2"" class=">1</li> </a> <a "> </li> <li web?q="Viagra%20commercial%20blonde%20actressqo=paginationqsrc=998page=3"" class=">2</li> </a> <a "> </li> <li web?q="Viagra%20commercial%20blonde%20actressqo=paginationqsrc=998page=4"" class=">3</li> </a> <a "> </li> <li web?q="Viagra%20commercial%20blonde%20actressqo=paginationqsrc=998page=5"" class=">4</li> </a> <a "> </li> <li web?q="Viagra%20commercial%20blonde%20actressqo=paginationqsrc=998page=2"" class=">5</li> </a> <a "> </li> <li class=">Next</li> </a> </ul> </div>">"> <noscript> <img src="// searchPayload.assetType = assetType; ask.unified.sendAction(searchPayload, function () { window.location.href = data.url; }); return; } window.location.href = data.url; } }; })(); if(App) { (function () { = [];{ partial: "PartialLss", contextSelector: document, elementSelector: null, type: "ready", handler: function () { if (!lssCfg.disableSS) { $("input[name=q]:first:not(:hidden)").lssSuggestions(lssCfg); } } }); })(); }</script> <div id="shadow" style="height: 100%; display: none;"></div> "> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"/> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1"/> <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> <link REL="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" HREF="//" title="Ask Search"> <title> - What;s Your Question?</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" "/s/0-2-74/site-ask-sites-askus-web-page.css"/> <style> .content-visible { visibility: hidden; } </style> <noscript> <style type="text/css"> .content-visible { visibility: visible !important; } </style> </noscript></li> </a>